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May 2014 Blog Archive

Trickett Gardens: Bringing you close to all the adventures and attractions on Gold Coast

Trickett Gardens 002
Posted in Location & Attractions at 29 May, 2014

One of the most breathtaking coastal spots on earth, the majestic island of Gold Coast brings you an ultimate island getaway where you can delight in the warm and crystalline waters and the stretch of golden sand along its beaches, the rare and amazing na...

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Let Kelvin Cruickshank feed your soul in a rare and amazing 'Soul Food' session

Kelvin Cruickshank
Posted in Local Events at 05 May, 2014

A psychic expert who is also the author of Inside the Medium, and who took part on the TV programme Sensing Murder, Kelvin Cruickshank, who's also made a name for doing public readings around New Zealand and Australia, will be give Aussies a rare opportun...

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