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Let Kelvin Cruickshank feed your soul in a rare and amazing 'Soul Food' session

Posted in Local Events @ May 5th 2014 12:18pm - By Administrator
Kelvin Cruickshank

A psychic expert who is also the author of Inside the Medium, and who took part on the TV programme Sensing Murder, Kelvin Cruickshank, who’s also made a name for doing public readings around New Zealand and Australia, will be give Aussies a rare opportunity to experience Kelvin’s amazing gifts and abilities to work with spirits.

Visiting the Gold Coast on 20 September, Kevin will be at the The Arts Centre for his Soul Food show. During this event, Kelvin will be conducting a one-on-one reading for everyone who wants private readings. This will also be a great means for them him be able to put people in touch with the loved ones they’ve lost and also help provide a way for them to understand how the afterlife works.

During the Soul Food show, Kelvin can pass on dozens of messages—spirit willing—to everyone in the audience. Aside from bringing closure to someone in mourning, these connections can also make them realise that the bond with their dead loved ones still exists even though they have left this world.

Kelvin encourages his audience to please come with an open heart and an open mind as he tries to read for as many people as he possibly can but what happens on the night is up to spirit, not him. They should also remember that it can create a barrier if there is a lot of expectation from them. Having such desperation can make it harder to make connections with spirit. It would rather make things easier for Kelvin if everyone is upbeat and open to anything that may happen.

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Image Source : Kelvin Cruickshank