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Terror Australis

Posted in Local Events @ Feb 25th 2019 10:51pm - By Administrator
Terror Australis Photo From HOTA

Visit a blazing country, where cars rule, hitchhiking is a risk, and dingoes prey on babes. Terror Australis is a grindhouse cabaret sharper-tongued than a serial killer’s knife. Performed by crazy- siren Leah Shelton (Polytoxic, The Brides of Frank), this chaotic, messed-up outback Contiki tour is a simmering hot mess of satire, anti-burlesque, live art and pole-dance.

Contained in a swelling pulp mash-up, Shelton explores the roadkill of the Australian national character to reveal a rant of cruelty and suspicion, drenched in perspiration and liquor. Leah Shelton's work sits in the middle of anti-burlesque, live art and cabaret. As an Australian performance artist, she makes bold, imaginative, visually stunning works, infused with cult references and satirical humour.

Terror Australis is a blood-soaked, lip-synched, grotesquely beautiful nightmare, swimming in urban myth, cultural stereotypes and goon. Be wowed, terrified and thrilled by Shelton’s award-winning, boundary-pushing show. It cuts Australia to pieces.

Trained in various acting methods particularly the Suzuki Actor Training Method, Leah has worked with a variety of dance and theatre companies.

She is a co-artistic director of Polytoxic, an incredible dance theatre company. The group has performed all across Australia. She is also a co-creator of The Brides of Frank.

Leah is a fantastic performer with an impressive body of work. Her style is an intoxicating combination of cabaret, art, and dance.

Catch the show from April 16 - 18 at Home of the Arts.

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